Welcome to See This Life.

I would like to begin by sharing the top three things that I think are truely Amazing!
These are some of my ‘happy thoughts’ and when I think about it perhaps they are blessings for us all.

As I write this I know that the next things on the list would most likely be gestation and birth and then there is the incredible intelligence held in every seed which tells it which kind of plant to grow into!

Yet to start….

Sky Rainbows, Rivers and Snowflakes!

1) Sky Rainbows are fantastical. They show us natures vibrant palette in surreal clarity and have a seemingly magical power to appear and disappear quite suddenly. They are both transparent and gigantic which gives them an otherworldly quality and through these qualities symbolise illusion and freedom.

Last year I experienced THE ULTIMATE RAINBOW. It spanned the sky and proceeded to come directly towards me, offering up a glittering silver grey centre beneath its arch. I stood transfixed in my rooftop garden as it came right up close, directly above and all around me. Each densely saturated coloured ring vibrated brilliantly in a spectacular phenomena of prismic light. I had the strangest feeling that I was looking directly into the face of the creator!

2) Rivers rush by, gallon by epic gallon, persistent and seemingly endless. If you have you ever stayed for days beside a large river you will know they do not stop flowing and this seems truely amazing! Where does it all come from and how can it just keep coming even when the skys are clear. We all know the answer but the sheer immensity of it is exceptional. I like to imagine the earth, especially in the hills and mountains for this purpose as a giant sponge. It fills up and then overflows when it can not absorb any more. The water pours down the slopes finding channels to draw together in, growing stronger as more droplets join in until it becomes a powerful torrent. Maybe I should be amazed at the size of the sponge! Rivers remind me that when small things join together they can become powerful and that in lifes cycles there are stages which are more powerful than others.

3) Snowflakes are the epitomy of diversity and beauty. The first time I remember seeing snowflakes fall I looked up into the sky and laughed and laughed. I was mesmerized as they just kept gently swirling down getting larger and larger until their fragile forms landed on my face. In the library I discovered a wonderful book filled with scientific photographs of snowflakes. This was in the days when the internet was still developing so these images were not available online. I can sit for ages and look at images of snowflakes. Their elaborate designs all unique, their creation from ice crystals astonishing, their delicacy and beauty profound. These icy starlets remind me that perfection is infinite and that creative intelligence is all around us in the seemingly invisible.