Kill Cancer with THC and Cannabinoids! Read More…

Kill Cancer with THC and Cannabinoids
Christina Sanchez a researcher from Compultense University in Madrid Spain explains how THC can help greatly in the destruction of cancer cells. and is looking to continue the research in to human patients.





Dr. Christina Sanchez from Cannabis Planet on Vimeo.

We have taken a look over the internet and found one of the most well received ways to create pure Cannabis oil for the treatment of cancer.

there is much research but details are still hazy on the matter.. please excuse the pun.. but there are people all over the world already using this method to help treat there cancers.

We will look to add more information to this post as i find reliable sources, but please leave any comments to help use find more useful information for everyone!

Make Your Own Medical Marijuana Oil:

Make your own hemp oil using Rick’s only OFFICIAL recipe…. free of charge, as always.

How to make the oil.
How Much to take.

Ensuring the correct dosage is used is key to overcoming cancer and not becoming overly drowsy. Please take care to follow the directions.

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